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Rural guest houses, Le Bretin-Logonna Daoulas (29)
LOGONNA DAOULAS, this attractive peninsula in the Brest harbour
Logo de Logonna DaoulasLogonna : this attractive peninsula in the Brest harbour offers a lot to sea lovers : Pors Beach and Moulin Mer ports, many creeks and shores (Le Bendy, le Château, Porsisquin, Anse du Bourg and especially le Yelen for wind surfers).
You will also enjoy going for a walk in the small paths overhanging the sea .

Logonna Daoulas If you are fond of history you can visit Sainte Marguerite and Saint Jean Baptiste chapels and their fountains ( 17th century), the church ( 16th century) with its portal, retables, sculpted lordly bench, Saint Monna fountain… You can also go and see the « menhir of the 12 apostles », Rosmorduc castle, etc .

Logonna Daoulas According to the legend, Logonna was founded in the 5th century by Saint Monna, coming from Ireland in a stone-built boat….

Logonna DaoulasThe resources of Logonna used to come from farming and fishing (scallops…). Logonna was also famous in Brittany for its quarries: a lot of religious monuments and beautiful houses have been built in Logonna stones.
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